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Non-Violent Communities


    . To run a series of workshops for young parents on positive parenting.

    . To hold an indaba for parents during 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children.

    . To establish two parenting support groups per year, emanating from the positive parenting course, as structures for further intervention.

    . To hold a family day celebration for young parents.

    . To establish AVP in community organisations.

    . To establish AVP in Places of Safety. 


    AVP addresses sources of anger and violence by letting participants explore their own feelings and those of others. They acquire insight into their own and other people’s feelings and reactions. AVP offers participants new ways of communicating with one another and strategies to de-escalate conflict and resolve conflict non-violently.

    Community-building is one of the pillars of an AVP workshop. The facilitating team spells out to participants that during the 20 hour workshop they will participate in activities that will demonstrate the value of community and show them how to form a community. The community referred to is as an alternative to individualism and provides a safe space for sharing.

    AVP community outside of the workshop is an interest group which holds a commonly shared set of values which seeks to give expression to those values in local institutions, local groups and connects with AVP concerns internationally.

      Weekend residential training sets a good example of and provides opportunity for, community-building. We encourage participants to have the training residentially where they are able to cover the cost.

    We train community organisations in 20 hour workshops over 3 days which is reflected in the budget.

    . Our activities include:

    . Training people to become trainers of the project at and in:

    . Places of Safety

    . Community Organisations

    . Holding regular facilitator development forums in the form of indabas, to upkeep and strengthen the facilitator data base.


    We offer parenting and care-giving skills training for young parents.

    Young parents are often unemployed and do not have their own accommodation, making their lives stressful, which in turn has an impact on the emotional, intellectual and physical development of the child. This results in learning difficulties and inadequate social development. This perpetuates the cycle of impoverishment. 

    This training will impart skills about responsible parenting and care-giving and build awareness of how neglect and abuse will affect the development of the child.  Young fathers will be made aware that children, particularly boys, who grow up with absent or uncaring fathers will suffer emotional problems in later life.

    In a series of workshops participants will reflect on their own childhood, tap into their experiences and build confidence to bring up children in a nurturing way.
    We will impart knowledge about

    . communication skills between adults and between parents and children, some of which will be shared in an experiential style using exercises in our AVP training.  

    . child abuse and neglect and where to seek help if they detect abuse in their own or other families or when they have relationship problems

    . how to access social grants

    We will include parents of Peace Buddies in the workshops for young parents in order to connect our school work with our community work.

    We want to establish a parent support group in the area from the young parents are recruited.

    Our activities include the following:


    Young parents will have an opportunity to be part of the positive parenting skills workshop that will focus on affirmation, self-confidence, communication and peace-building skills.


    Participants will explore how they can ensure that the values of no violence against women and children can prevail in their families and communities.

    Support Groups

    Young mothers and young fathers will have an opportunity to meet once a quarter to support each other in their parenting roles. Support Groups will also function as entry points for further interventions in association with the Department of Social Development and other service providers.

    Family Day
    Parents and their children from participants in our programmes and parents’ support groups with their children, have an opportunity to meet informally to share their experiences and to emerge energised for their commitments.          


    Our model in rolling out AVP is

    . to secure the commitment of community organisations so that their members can be trained as AVP facilitators (for which QPC provides resources) and for their trainers to continue with AVP training (with resources from their own organisation).

    . to support and monitor the training of AVP facilitators in community organisations.

    . to connect the community organisations which undertake AVP training with local and international AVP activities.

    The young parents’ workshops will bring the ideas back to the community organisations from which they have been recruited. In this way we create a multiplier effect for the ideas of positive parenting and no violence against women and children. The young parents’ workshops will result in the formation of support groups which will be the platform for further social interventions.


Resilience to Violence Campaign

Resilience is the ability to adapt positively to adversity.

Non-Violent Parenting Campaign

Work with young parents and parents of teenagers is very popular.

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