The Peace Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to working towards building a safe, peaceful society by addressing the issues that contribute to a high level of insecurity and personal and institutional violence.


We develop ways of preventing or avoiding violence
We work at different levels of our society
We work with other organizations to extend our reach and
To change the law affecting children
To advocate for an Integrity Commission
To deprive the corrupt of their corrupt gains

Annual Report

Quaker Peace Centre – AFS 2018 final



We believe it wrong that in our incredibly unequal society the poorest and most disadvantage the should suffer as they do.
It is failure in both their Constitutional rights and in the Sustainable Development Goal SDG 16.
We believe that the extreme levels of violence in our society are driven by deep and inter-generational poverty and the resulting , hopelessness and inequality.
The most potent method of combating violence is to encourage self-help so helping to increase self respect and responsibility.
Our whole approach. our theory of change, is driven by these.




23 years after apartheid ended and constitutional government was installed we still have appalling slums, unemployment ( + 50%) a failed education system and a weak tradition of childcare and parenting. In consequence we have epidemic levels of violence.
We also live under a government riddled with corruption at an industrial scale – a direct tax on the poorest.
We recognise that the state is incapable of solving the problems
There has been change in South Africa . What is needed now is change focused on the individual, on small communities and on corruption.




The Peace Centre began life in the 1990’s – in apartheids darkest days -as a project of the Cape Town Quaker community but, for the last 10 years, has been an independent NGO operating from its Mowbray headquarters.
In the first few years of democracy QPC played an important role working toward a just, equitable and peaceful society.Influence and impact gradually diminished. Following a strategic review in 2017 QPC decided it should re-invent itself and concentrate its efforts on those communities most affected by violence.
It now puts most of its energy and resources into community-level activities concentrating on support and capacity building.
It collaborates with other organisations and networks who are also working against corruption and working to maintain and increase peace It focuses on women and youth It advocates for peace and justice